how to overcome depression during job search

There are ways to navigate the current job market and overcome job search depression. Older workers are valuable, and they have years of experience that’ll ensure they land a job that’s just right for them. Age discrimination against older job seekers is an unfortunate reality for so many.

Research has found that optimistic employees are 103% more inspiredto give their best effort at work. What’s more, maintaining a positive attitude throughout your job hunt can better your chances of landing your dream gig. Being in the wrong field could leave you feeling despondent and detached from the job-search process.A BetterUp coach can help you navigateif you’re on the right path. Breaking down the job search into smaller, more manageable tasks will make the process less daunting and put you in control. Remember that the company you’re applying for has many factors to consider.

Time Management: Treat Finding a Job, Like a Job

The one who is expected to be available always because, what else can you be doing? The errand boy/ girl; The person everyone banks on to receive home deliveries on workdays, and many other interesting experiences. This can boost your mood and even make your job search more fruitful long-term. While you may be depressed as a result of losing a job, people can also lose a job because they’re depressed.

How do you cope with looking for a job?

  1. Fit in small wins in your schedule. When you're looking for a job, you're not just looking.
  2. Remember that it's not personal. Looking for a new job means facing rejection.
  3. Don't put all your eggs in one basket.
  4. Destress every day.
  5. Switch up your strategy.
  6. Ask for help.

Just maximize your chances by having a strong job application and applying to every job you find interesting. Nothing can be more frustrating than being stuck in the process of searching for a job. The countless resumes, cover letters, and interviews can be exhausting and discouraging. You can eventually find yourself in a depressed slump, thinking you’re not good enough or you’ll never find a job. Your struggle with depression, and the tools you’ve used to manage your mental health, can actually be framed in a positive light to prospective employers, Heath says. But she cautions that you should do so only if the question you’re being asked in an interview warrants it.

Build a Support System

For many people, jobs are tied to their feelings of self-worth. If you suffer from low self-worth, it can be difficult to get out of the rut of job search hopelessness. Thankfully, there are many ways to deal with job search depression. The first step is recognizing overcoming job search depression why job search depression happens. If you have any doubt about whether job search depression is real or not, consider this. Let’s take a look at how to deal with job depression and how to navigate the job-hunting process with a positive mindset.

  • At a minimum, stay abreast of the latest articles in your industry so you can hold a conversation and know exactly what’s going on.
  • Others support with specific demographics, such as the LGBTQ+ community, veterans or young people.
  • Yielding to job hunting depression has several adverse mental and physical effects.
  • Talking to someone during your job search process gives you much needed emotional support.

“It’s a feedback mechanism where the longer you go, the harder it is on your emotional health,” he said. “The worse your emotional health is, the harder” it can be to successfully chase down job leads and dazzle interviewers. People who remain unemployed for long periods tend to spend less time with their friends and family, according to a 2014 Gallup survey.

Get free, confidential crisis counseling support in Netherlands

Looking to stay connected to the social-impact space during a job search? You might also want to seek out an online support group—some groups are designed for the long-term unemployed or for people diagnosed with clinical depression. Learn how to craft the perfect industry resume to attract employers. In this eBook for PhDs, you will get access to proven resume templates, learn how to structure your bullet points, and discover which keywords industry employers want to see most on PhD resumes. The LinkedIn tips & strategies within have helped PhDs from every background get hired into top industry careers. If you want free insights on resumes, LinkedIn, interviewing, careers and more, just enter your details below.

depression and job search

Helplines are there to assist you in a time of emotional pain, and to support those who may be noticing warning signs of an emotional crisis in those they care about. When that call or email finally comes, though, and you schedule an interview with a prospective employer, your brain triggers the release of endorphins. Your self-esteem soars, and suddenly, your upbeat mindset is back —until you get a rejection email or letter informing you that you weren’t chosen for the position. With these highs and lows, hopes and disappointments,the job search becomes an emotional roller coaster. Endless job hunting can lead to feeling of exhaustion and burnout. Fear and anxiety will not help your job hunting prospects and will certainly not help your psychological and emotional well being.

While major depression and persistent depressive disorder are ongoing mental health diagnoses, situational depression occurs due to a life event or transition and typically lasts no more than six months. There are all kinds of reasons a person may experience situational depression—including an ongoing, unsuccessful job search. While interactions with others may bring you some job leads, the bigger purpose is to feel connected to a broader community. In order to make your transition out of academia successful, it’s necessary to learn effective coping mechanisms for staying motivated. It’s important to keep a positive outlook and to create small, specific goals for yourself so that you can see measured progress over time.

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